Yard Signs and Qualifications…



Yard signs and more yard signs – The good news is that all these signs will be taken down right after Nov 7th. Yesterday, I met with Katy Harris, the Mayor of Yarrow Point. And I asked her about yard signs and it seems there is an arrangement where candidates generally don’t do yard signs. This really eliminates the clutter and perhaps places focus on the qualifications of candidates.

Speaking about qualifications – I hope my background resonates with voters – I’ve made a career at Deloitte of assessing the financial condition of entities, running a profitable business, and building effective teams. Seems this is exactly what we need over at City Hall – the Council has some skills, but none of them are experts in financial matters. And as mentioned, I will invest a significant amount of time working with the next Mayor, Council, and City Administration to ensure we beat down our growing financial deficit, keep our City Safe and elevate other processes of the City. Something to consider as you evaluate the candidates. Please reach out to me at any time 425-201-1998 or just shoot me an email at ssinwell@gmail.com

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