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In the link above (Click Here for Prior Updates) and the link on the top right of the page (NEW STUFF), I added a new blog post about the 2024 Comprehensive Plan, providing some facts, maybe a hue of opinion, and considerations. The City will be holding an Open House on June 13th where residents have an opportunity to ask questions and provide input about the draft document (which is available on the City’s website).

By clicking the NEW STUFF link, you see a summary about what is new in the Comp Plan, some questions to ponder, and a brief comment about what is next, which will primarily be about HB 1110, Middle Housing. In my next post, I plan to cover some aspects about HB 1110 / Middle Housing.

What are some of the key priorities for Clyde Hill?

  • Financial responsibility – achieve a sustainable budget for our operations of the City
  • Comprehensive Plan – complete the Plan during 2024
  • City Code – create a code that has clarity; create a culture of consistency
  • Stormwater Utility – begin the process that will yield the the creation of a Utility
  • Zoning – address the myriad of new laws from the State of WA that impact zoning
  • Culture – create an atmosphere where the Mayor, City Council, Police, City Admin are an effective team

I am currently a Councilmember on the Clyde Hill City Council. This website is not affiliated in any way with the City of Clyde Hill. Information on the website was written by me in my capacity as an individual resident of Clyde Hill. Some of the information contained here might be opinion/perspective provided by me, or references from public sources. As noted above, none of the information or views expressed herein are necessarily the position of the City of Clyde Hill or any elected official of Clyde Hill. The costs associated with the website are paid for by me. My address for contacting me via snail mail is 9526 NE 31st ST, Clyde Hill WA 98004.

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