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I’m running for Clyde Hill City Council – Position 2, here are some things to know:

City Hall has several urgent matters that need attending, such as dealing with the financial deficit, getting to a better place with our code, assessing how to set-up the Storm Water utility, and being more responsive to residents. I believe my skills, honed from being a Vice Chair & CPA at Deloitte, are well suited to address each of these areas. I also bring a fresh and new perspective with objectivity. To ensure my independence and objectivity remain intact, I’m not accepting contributions to my campaign.  

Why vote for me? Hopefully the following demonstrates how I am different:

  • I’m a finance expert – as a former Vice Chair from Deloitte I bring the right skills to fix our growing financial deficit
  • Have prior experience in serving in city government – a track record of results and building effective teams
  • Have the availability to invest substantial time in the role
  • I’m objective and independent – my customer base is YOU
  • Have experience in regulated entities, and will be of value in setting up our Storm Water Utility

Thank you for considering me to represent you. The following are my key priorities: 

  • Keep Clyde Hill safe and supporting our police department
  • Eliminate the budget deficit; with my Deloitte Vice Chair experience in finance, I will add value to you, and City Hall
  • Keeping Clyde Hill a place of single family housing – will work to implementing the right levers to
  • Addressing the Clyde Hill City Code with a focus on improving clarity and consistency, and increasing public commentary
    • Focus on items that matter
    • Ensure that residents ARE NOT SURPRISED AT THE END OF A REMODEL PROJECT – front load agree on expectations/rules!
  • Be the voice of unity – I don’t engage in divisive or accusatory behavior; we have shared values here in Clyde Hill
  • Being super responsive and available to all residents – I am your voice at City Hall
  • Foster a respectful relationship with all parties – Mayor, City Council, City Admin, Police, Committees, and Residents

I appreciate all the support during the Primary. Since then, I’ve been busy meeting people including residents, all the elected City Council members, the current Mayor, just about all of our City Employees/Police force, and each candidate for Position 4 (Ryan & Mark). The in-person meetings are incredibly valuable.

I have prepared and authorized my mailings to Clyde Hill residents – if the mailer has my signature or my yard sign “logo”, it comes from me personally. I am not endorsed by the City of Clyde Hill in any way, but have been endorsed by elected/appointed officials of Clyde Hill. This website is paid for by me. My address for contacting via mail is 9526 NE 31st ST, Clyde Hill WA 98004.

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Married to Rhonda
Three kids


Prior experience in city governance


Certified Public Accountant
Long career at Deloitte & Touche LLP as Vice Chair / Senior Partner

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