The Dog Days and my study of Clyde Hill finances



Technically, the “Dog Days of Summer” ended on August 11th, but when I see the forecast for next week, it looks brutally hot. This time of year reminds me of the chaos of getting one of the kids sent off to university (our youngest graduates next year), and the mixed emotions when they spend that first night at their dorm. Rhonda always handled the visible emotions better than me. Good luck to those parents/guardians/friends that are helping the kids move in over the next few weeks.

As mentioned, I recently retired as a CPA from Deloitte, which give me lots of time to think about all things Clyde Hill. My latest activity has been to studying the fee schedules, the revenues, and the costs of Clyde Hill – and taking notes and comparing the information to nearby cities. At the right time, I will share my observations with Steve Friedman (current Council member and currently running as our next Mayor) and a few others. Or course numbers are just one part of it, often the real key are the processes behind the numbers, and if elected I will be able to obtain access to processes and work with the City Administration and the City Council for continued improvement.

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