Musing on the Final Days of the Primary



Well, just a few more shopping days to go before the window closes on voting, which is Tuesday, August 1. Despite a ton of yard signs, the mailers, and a couple of confusing things showing up on some Next Door posts, at the end of the day there are several questions, including the following two:

Q1: Which candidate is best suited to serve the City; is it a CPA/financial expert, someone with a legal background, or someone with a medical research background? You the voter will make that decision. My own response to the question would be self serving, as I think we need a financial expert.

Q2: Which candidate can help bring the City together (including the Mayor, City Council, and Administration). My own impression is that some feelings remain from the Proposition 1 “battle”. Fact is the matter was voted way back in Nov’22, and it is time to move ahead. One phrase I used at Deloitte in such situations was “agree or accept“, which proved helpful to bring persons with differing views together for the greater good.

As always, contact me with any questions/comments.

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