New Endorsements!



Most of you know my sole focus for running is to improve Clyde Hill: fix the deficit, keeping our City safe, and being responsive to the needs/expectations of residents with my willingness to invest a significant amount of time in the role. My qualifications and commitment has resonated with many residents, and I’ve earned a fair number of endorsements. I was just notified that the Clyde Hill Police Union has endorsed me, and Katy Harris (Mayor of Yarrow Point) just informed me of her endorsement.

While this is pretty good news, I am seeking your endorsement when the ballot arrives around Oct 18th or so. And, while we have a ton of yard signs out there, the key is to consider my qualifications as a finance expert, prior experience in city gov’t, ability to bring people together, and absolute objectivity. My sole agenda is to work hard to improve Clyde Hill. Here are my key endorsements this far:

  • Current Council member (and our likely next Mayor) – Steve Friedman
  • Current Council member Kim Muromoto
  • Chair of the Clyde Hill Civil Service Commission – Brian Ouellette
  • Current Mayor of Yarrow Point – Katy Harris
  • Clyde Hill Police Union
  • My opponent in the primary process – Spencer Hamlin

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